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Who we are:

Paradigm Fitness was created for those who prioritize health and fitness, and for those who aspire to do so. Regular training and healthy eating are a lifestyle, not a temporary solution. We consider everyone to be an athlete working towards their individual goals.

Health (physical and mental),  Performance (strength, mobility, endurance) and Body Composition (fat loss, muscle hypertrophy), are the three core staples of our philosophy. 

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What we offer:

At Paradigm Fitness we’ve strived to create a community atmosphere that is supportive and welcoming to all members. While there is sure to be a variance amongst our members, the coaching is customized to each individual and their level.

We are results driven, but are realistic in our approach and do not preach an overnight fix. No "magic pill" or get fit quick formulas here. We do however expect continuous progress and hard work from our clients with improvements every session. The end goal is important but the smaller achievements along the way are equally so.

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How we will get you there:

We are about the journey of health and fitness, which will allow for sustainable, life-long results. We understand that everyone is unique. Our coaching and programming are tailored to each individual’s needs and goals

In the fitness world today everyone makes false promises. All we ask for is hard work and dedication. With 20+ year of experience, our coaches get it right - for good.